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Friday, March 11, 2011

Help for new comers to New Zealand at last !!!

In the beginning.... shortly after arriving in Auckland, New Zealand and going through the turmoil of finding our feet in a totally new country, a thought occurred to me that "surely most new immigrants to New Zealand must experience similar difficulties as to what we are and have as many unanswered questions as we do":
  • which city and suburb to settle in,
  • do I buy a house or rent one,
  • what schools do I send my kids to,
  • how does the health system work and where do I find a good family doctor,
  • how do I go about finding a job,
  • let alone getting all the necessary work permits and/or student permits,
  • and many many more such questions.
All tough questions to answer when you arrive out of the blue, having never been to New Zealand before and with no one to hold your hand or offer advice.

The thought that occurred to me was "Why not create a mechanism for sharing our experiences with other new immigrants as well as those who were considering moving to New Zealand?".  A thought that crossed my mind many more times over the years since that first day, a thought which has now become more than just a thought - it has now become a reality with the creation of this blog.

My intention is to share our personal experiences and thoughts through this blog.  Initially my primary focus will be on the area we have been living and working in for the past 5 years, the northern suburbs of Auckland's North Shore.  Its not my intention to offer advice on topics such as immigration, employment, education, health etc but rather to post our story as it evolved and continues to evolve.  Where relevant I will include links to sites that could provide additional information, facts or advice.  To supplement our story and our journey I will also post photos and videos so you, the reader, can get a visual appreciation of what we have experienced - although photos and videos can never replace the magnificent feeling of experiencing what I believe is truly "a little piece of heaven on earth  - New Zealand".

I look forward to diligently sharing our wonderful experiences and stories with you and I hope you not only enjoy them but also find value in what we have to offer in these posts.


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